Thursday, February 9, 2012

Radishes, Aluminum Foil, and Jesus Christ...

Cole and Haley are studying Science together this year. They're currently working on an ongoing experiment with radishes. They love it! There's an experiment everyday for 4 weeks! The most recent discovery came about yesterday. Of the many experiments this one involved two cups and two seeds. The 1st seed is placed in a clear plastic cup and a damp paper towel. The 2nd is placed in a cup completely covered with aluminum foil. After a waiting period of  a few days(I can't remember exactly), it was time to observe and record the findings. As expected the "clear" cup seed sprouted and was a lovely green. Unexpected to Cole and Haley were the findings in the "aluminum" cup seed. Neither of them expected the seed would grow. But lo and behold, grow it did. Seems good, right? What was different? There was no lovely green color, the stem was weak, the leaves were weak and all of it was very pale indeed. This plant left in the dark will eventually wither and die, it will not bear fruit. Why? Well, they answered correctly, there was no sunlight, plants need the sun for food....for life,the lovely green color of photosynthesis. And here we are....we too need the SON light. We may "sprout and grow" for a while in the dark,but we will be weak, we will not bear any fruit, we will soon fade, only to wither and die. But the Light of the world has come. Praise be to God that He has not left us in the dark. We will only be strong through Him, we will only grow through Him, and we will live only through Him and because of Him. Don't stay in the dark. Come to Christ, the true Light.

In Christ,
"One compromise here, another there;soon enough the so-called Christian;the man in the world look the same." 
AW Tozer