Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We are STILL waiting to move, nearly everything is packed - REALLY! Things just keep coming up to hinder our move. And yesterday Chad and I were both convicted that maybe there is still something left here for us to do? I know that there are things that do not need to be packed up and taken with us. I came across this today and not by appears that I still have some "cleaning" to do. With the Lord's help of course:)

Cleaning Out My Closet
I decided today was the day,
To take and cast out some old things.
Things I have kept far too long,
Things that no longer belonged.
I opened the closet door,
With determination inside.
I started to sort through things,
That were left hanging way to long.
First I came upon Bitterness,
Buried deep inside,
So I took it and cast it
Into my box of sin.
Next was envyness,
I needed that no more,
So I took and tossed
That envyness clear out the closet door.
Well my closet was looking better,
Yet more needed to go,
So I dug even deeper,
Deeper then ever before.
Hid deep into the middle,
I thought that was long gone,
I found unforgiveness,
It seemed to just hang on.
So I took that unforgiveness
Along with self-pride,
I took them both,
And cast them both aside.
I looked at my closet,
Looking good I had to admit,
Yet something was left there
Hanging, that needed to be cast.
I grabbed a hold of the hate,
Firmly I gave it a yank,
It was the hardest article,
More stubborn then the rest.
I knew if my closet was to be cleansed,
That this one above all the rest,
Had to be cast deep into the pit.
So with determination, hate was cast aside.
Now as I looked into my closet,
I had room for new things.
Like love, and happiness,
That had no room before.
Now my closet is only filled with
The Holy Spirit, Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Isn't it amazing what our closet
Can hold, when we cast away Our sins,
Inviting Our Precious Lord Jesus Christ In
Author Unknown